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Twiscon Software is specialised in developing lightning fast native Windows Phone applications. You can find all of our apps in the Windows Phone marketplace.

Windows Phone Applications

  • SpeedGauge

    Displays your current speed on a digital or analog speedometer, keeps track of your top speed and total distance. SpeedGauge also allows you to easily switch between units of measurement (miles/kilometers and knots) for use in your car, on a boat or on an airplane! Uses high quality artwork on any device resolution for a perfect readout.

  • IcyGroove

    IcyGroove is an Internet radio player with a sleek interface featuring high quality, handpicked stations. IcyGroove offers hundreds of stations divided over 25 categories. The station database can be updated using the built in updater to assure you always have the latest selection of stations.

  • msgCleaner

    msgCleaner is a must have application for anyone doing serious texting. Stop manually emptying your deleted items folder or cleaning your sent items folder. No longer spend time going through your text message deciding which ones to keep and which ones should be removed. msgCleaner automatically cleans up your messages based on a list of simple rules. You decide which contacts/messages/folders are important and msgCleaner keeps your message folders clean.

  • FlightWatcher

    Predicts the probability of delay for your flight hours before the airlines do! Uses FlightCaster's advanced prediction algorithm that is based on 10 years of flight data along with current and near-term forecasted conditions.
    On top of that FlightWatcher is also capable of providing you with the delay factors that cause the delay: Inbound aircraft, weather conditions at the departure and arrival airports and FAA alerts.

  • Hexmem

    Hexmem is a memory game with a twist. Forget Simon and other classing picture matching games, Hexmem will challenge your memory skills to the max in a new way! The faster you are able to complete a level, the higher your score. Easy game to learn but very hard to master at the highest level of difficulty. A great way to have fun playing a game and improving your memory and concentration skills at the same time!